Filmmaking: Directors, Please stop using shaky cams and quick cuts

Filmmaking Jan 5, 2020

I was watching John Wick again a few days ago and there was some thing about the movie which made me like it like all the other nerds, it was a sleeper hit of 2014 and for a good reason too.
But one thing that stood out as i re watched the movie was something which was missing specifically in this movie, Action scenes don't have quick cuts, And I really loved it. Lately it has almost become a trend in all the movies to do quick cuts to give a general sense of pace, but its nauseating at best. It basically means that the director was too tired to think of a scene progression and stuck two are three cameras in around the area and is figuring out how to show the scene during edit, No Story boarding was done earlier, Its like the posts on buzzfeed which just have 10 gifs in them and 3 lines of content and then is being referred to as an article. My disdain towards those would only be matched when directors do the same in movies, 10 quick cuts for 6 secs of movie time,Micheal bay is probably the guru for this, you take any of his movies, Transformers or TNMT they have the same issues all over, quick cuts jumping between charecters, his jump cuts are so bad that you stop caring about them because you don't even know who you should root for.
If you are making a movies please stop doing that.