Idiot Driven Development (IDD)

Oct 21, 2012

This development scheme is often characterized by a client, who hasn’t the slightest ripping clue what they ACTUALLY want/need, driving the development process. The client is often an individual who has devised a singular idea for a product, yet has no experience of any kind with actual product development/creation. Suggestions are often ignored. The input of the programming team is a laughingstock. Process is ignored. Deadlines are missed. The marketing team not only sells things, but attempts to demo things before the development team has ever even heard of them.
The entire process is characterized by everybody running around, with their pants on fire, like a chicken with its head cut off, and nobody knows what is going on, EVER. This development pattern incorporates most of the known ADD patterns currently identified, but it often much, much worse, particularly because it’s all spearheaded by incompetent morons who probably print instructions on how to unlock a door with a key; i.e. idiots. Hence, Idiot Driven Development.

*ADD- Asshole Driven Development