India is not mature enough to handle Democracy

Democary Oct 12, 2010

I was always of the firm belief that the power to manage should be with the people and in back of the mind I always thought that somehow India as a country would prevail on the long run because of the fact that we have a democratic system in place, which though highly red taped still managed to somehow got things done, I have recently understood that its not that things get done because of the greater good but things get done because it is profitable to some person(s), There is no sense of greater good and even if there it is though by only those who do not have any effect what so ever on others, We live in a society where all development is a by product of some body profiteering, In reality profit should have been the by product of development, but the thing that bugs me the most is that we don't care, I mentioned WE because including me none of us are determined enough to bring changes to the system, we have always found a way to blame others, and we always find a way to blame.

May be this post is also one of the ways I am blaming everyone. In a democracy I am told that all changes begin from Voting, I know that half of India does not vote, its either because they don't want to or they don't care, Then those who vote have a choice on voting on who is less corrupt,May be there a few exceptions but in most cases we are limited to these kinds of candidates, And just look at the kind of people who we elect, they ready to use slurs,swears, throw chairs at each other, and do not even hesitate to get in fist fights in assembly, the place where we are supposedly managed, We watch these thing glued to television and make a comment saying that this is shame on the society, but what next ? , Do we take any actions beyond that ?, The counter argument made to this or should I say the alternated presented for discussion only are either we must select the person who is  not corrupt and get this person elected or having a say that no candidate is fit enough until we get the right candidate, I don't think both of these are realistically possible,

We as citizens of this country have no responsibility to our country what so ever, we do not care about how India progresses, All our activism is limited to few actions which are driven by the media, Let me give you a few examples;  During the time of Kargil war all of us collected, food, money and more stuff for the armed forces sent it and felt happy, then what ? have we after that cared about the armed forces a day after that, How many of us have at least tried joining the armed forces, In our Country the people who join armed forces are mostly the people who did not find any better options (I know that there are exceptions), we never even suggest people to join armed forces let alone encourage someone, Where is the responsibility to protect our own selves ?, The same thing was also the case during 26th November attack on Mumbai, All of us were glued to Televisions, then took out candle light vigils and that's about it. No actions further. During the Jessical Lal Mudrer Trail, The media sparked of frenzy of activism which was projected as our social self waking up,What about thousands of cases still pending in the courts and millions more where injustice was served, As I mentioned before all out activism are limited to few actions.

Democracy is not just putting your vote and forgetting about it, Democracy is where you have to have responsibility towards to the Country, Until we get that sense of responsibility, India is not mature enough to handle Democracy.

I have written this post as a starting point of discussion, I haven't found a way out of the deep mess we are in, and all this is just a starting point to discussion...