India's Obama

India May 16, 2009

It has been a long time since I blogged about something, it seems like the blog has went dead, I was so busy with everything that is new in my life that it seems like I have lost track of time and the larger picture is, become invisible, for the longest time I have thought about mobile blogging but have never been able to get a hang of it, then I read somewhere that a person in uk has written nearly 60% of a bestselling book on his ipaq, so I am trying this out. As with everything else I might get bored and move on to the next interesting thing, but till then this is my first mobile blog,
First of all I would like expand the topics on which I blog (I am not sure on how long I will blog about them)
This is about a program I saw on NDTV about India's Obama or should I say the lack of a person like him, those who know me know that I am really not a big fan of India's political system, to put in simple words we never have a big picture when it comes to selecting our national leaders, we only care about our local candidates , even then it’s not about their charisma or ability but what party do they belong to, I have met supporters of candidates who support just because he belongs to that party, the candidates never debate on anything important other than a few mudslinging sessions, they don't have a plan on what to do if they get elected and even after getting elected they don't know who their leaders would be some are even ignorant enough to say that the party high command will decide the leaders whereas the party high command doesn't even know what the vibe is.
I also have heard people say that it is easy to criticize someone from the outside, well lets go through a list of things that is required if you want to john politics in India. One you need money and that too a lot of it second you need a last name that is famous for at least 3 generations, both of which you have to be born into, there are few who have come through the route of hard work, but at their age they are already dying or nearly dead. Gandhi was a home person but he along with the best thing to happen to India was also the worst thing, in my opinion if was so focused on getting independence that after India got it he was unsure where to take it , he might of dreamt of a perfect nation which had administration from ground up, but it was the worst thing that happened, India was not and still not is mature enough to get that kind of administration, India still needs a leader with vision and ability to lead from top down and to be democratic we need to elect him or her directly, we need to know who is going to be in charge of running the country
All of this is not going to happen in the near future but there are a few things that can be done that would put into perspective where we are heading,
One there should be no room for post poll alliances you need to get to priorities straight before you fight an election
Two you need to project your leader and your plan beforehand including stuff like details of you foreign and economic policy
Third and the most important is that voting should be made compulsory
I don't care who you are but you must vote, there should be on chalta hai attitude and don't take holiday on a holiday, there should be a law which says that he you don't vote you don't get any benefits from government
Now the question arises can this be done, even if this is done can it bring improvements if any and at the end can India's condition be any different than it is now, At least in my opinion these steps will take up one step forward and max be and just maybe we can move towards a better state
And what about Obama like person let us examine his qualities which we want in our leader
One he has to have a charisma, and I am not talking about just the outer layer, two he has to have ability to communicate, and not just talking but the ability to get everyone's attention with just a few words,
Three he has to have a vision, fourth and the most important he has to have a unifying effect, he should get support from all corners,
Till date I have not seen anyone in India with all of their abilities, I can name a few who satisfy least 3 of the above, Advani is bit ok but the problem is that he is too old and he his much mixed up in the Ayodhya controversy to get support from all corners, Priyanka gandhi is promising but only time can tell if she matches up to the expectations, Narendra modi has 3 qualities but will never be able to unify people, Omar Abdullah is also promising but again time will be the judge of character, so till then let up hope that the leaders who rule will not damage the whole thing beyond repair - Naresh