Movie: 12 years a Slave

Feb 12, 2014
12 years a Slave
First point we all agree Slavery was bad and inhumane, "No Questions Asked", With all the movies that have been made on this subject and all the things that have been shown i dont think that there is any person who can justify Slavery. Now coming to this specific movie, the movie is about Solomon Northup played by Chiwetel Ejiofor who is a free man but gets kidnapped and sold into slavery where he sufffers at the hand of his owners for 12 years. The movie is directed by Steeve McQueen and has some good performances by all actors inlcuding Michel Fassbender and Benedict Cumberbatch and Brad Pitt, but the movie is too graphic and too violent for my taste, Its not about blood or gore its more than that. > If the director wanted convince anyone that Slavery is bad, He made his point.

The movies uses too much of cliched references and screenplay setup to drive the same point again and again. The movie runs too long without any respite for the actor or the viewer, I felt that this could have been a much better thing if this was made as a Discovery documentery. But that's about it, There is very little influence the movie can do.