Movie: Dallas Buyers Club

Feb 1, 2014
Dallas Buyers Club
Set in the 80s and based on the real life story (loosely based) of Ron Woodroof played by Matthew McConaughey, who has been tested positive for AIDS and tries to work against the system to get medication for himself and others, by forming a buyers club and bringing in non-FDA approved drugs. While I was initially skceptical of Matthew (remember sahara & numerous RomComs), he surprised me with a wonderful performance. 20 minutes into the movie and you really forget that this is same person and its very good. While this movie is also filled with profanity its not over the top in being preachy, Hollywood's affair with word F*** continues, (I can rant a whole post about this). The movie takes what really is concern even today and puts different spin to it. Jennifer Ganrer plays the role of his doctor whose character I don't think was fully chalked out. Jared Leto plays the role Rayon his partner in crime, a cross dresseing HomoSexual (for lack of better words) and is quite good both in terms of charecter and performance. While the movie has some obviuos gaps and moves at a slow pace for my dislike, it did however manged to keep me hooked to the stoyline even though you know what the end would be,Jean-Marc Vallée has done a wonderful job in casting and directing what can be said as one of the stand out movies release in 2013 (I watched it now) and it deserves to be recognised and applauded.

(One star only for Matthew)