Movie: Mandela; Long Walk to Freedom

Feb 1, 2014
Mandela Long walk to freedom is biographical movie Nelson Mandela, while i really applaude what Mandela represented in real life, I think that this movie puts him in bad light and i had come back home and re-read about history. The focus of the movie went towards making Idris Elba trying to be the charecter, which at lot of times is unconvincing (changes in accent, look) and not towards the storyline. the movie lacks coherence and even the ability to keep the viewer hooked, You know a movie is bad when all you want to do is take out your phone and play a Candy Crush(I know its a dumb game) Naomi Harris is cast as Winnie Mandela and I think that the storyline makes her much more appealing. The Casting is not good, Screenplay is shoddy and Storyline is so-so. > A dissapointment to what could have been.

It was Long watch for the viewers