Movie: Queen

Movies Mar 19, 2014
While i was a little apprehensive about the movie, it did come with good amount of recommendation from people around me, and for once I can say I agree with the recommendation, The story begins of with a wedding plan of a supposedly typical delhi girl (though I highly doubt it), where everyone is getting ready, her london return fiancee breaks off the wedding beacuse she is too "unchanged". In the grief ridden state the bride to be decies to go on her planned honeymoon alone, to Paris and Amsterdam,. The movie is about self discovery and growth of the person in life. Vikas Bahl has done wonderful job of building a movie around a quiry character, Lisa Haydon is near perfect cast as fried and confidant in Paris and so is Rajkumar Rao as the fiancee. But the movie belongs to Kangana Ranaut and rightly so. This was the first movie I have watched of her and I have to say that I am really impressed with her talent, She slips into the charecter from the word go and rarely can she appear out of place, the nuance she has provided to the role are almost perfect and you would be rooting for her all along. While the movie itself takes the predictable path, there is never a moment where you feel the drag, you chuck along and there is right amount of comedy to keep you watching till the end. A good movie with Wonderfull performances, great casting


Still waiting for the webchat with Vijaylakshmi..