Movie : Robocop (2014)

Movies Feb 25, 2014
Reboots are such an odd category, either they spoil the nostalgia (Star Wars) or bring the movies back to life. Robocop falls somewhere in the middle but much closer to the latter, Robocop itself was not a great movie in the first place, but had some neat ideas and some good 80s action, the new one is much cleaner, and I would call it surgical. José Padilha sets the perfect tone. The year is 2028. Samuel L Jackson is a loud mouth presenter, James Novack. He introduces the world where Robots of Omnicorp are winning american wars across the globe but an US Act prevents use of drones and machines for Law enforcement in America. Michael Keaton plays CEO of Omnicorp who is working to bring the drones to America. The solution is to put a man in the machine, he entrusts Dr. Dennett Norton played by Gary Oldman to do so. Enter Alex Murphy played by Joel Kinnaman who is involved in a deadly explosion with 4th degree burns, He is now the prime candidate to become the machine.

While the movie and the screenplay moves at a brisk pace, it is some what too brisk, each scene is almost predictable and takes the fun out a little bit. It doesn't take too long to get into the heart of the movie which is action. While the action sequences are great and shot quite beautifully, there is little else that catches your attention. Even the supposed twists and turns are predictable. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it does not take any chances in exploring the other aspects to the characters, Its a big loud action movie and I liked it.

This is the kind of movies which as a kid you wanted to watch and enjoy, and you will certainly enjoy.

A solid action flick.