Movie: The Lego Movie

Feb 13, 2014
Lego Movie
I have been a lego fan for the longest possible time, and have at least 10 different lego sets at home, I would say that Legos and Mechanix are the two games that instilled a sense of awe for constuction and design. With that said The movie made by Phil Lord and Chris Miller (of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs fame) have done an exceptional job with taking legos and making a wonderful movie out of it, what really amazes me is the quote by Michael McNally, Lego's brand relations director, you could pause the movie at any point and build everything you see. I have also read that Lego’s own designers helped Animal Logic with the set and character design. The story itself is pretty stale, meaning there is a normal guy who is oblivious to the bigger picture around him (buys overpriced coffee) and then is pushed into a situation where he is told he is the one, and then he discovers he is not the one, but at the end saves the day. But the way this has been taken to screen feels fresh and unique. The ethos of Legos is really captured in both variety and in priciple build, break and build again, A pirticular scene in which the leading character builds a motorcycle out of pieces from a back alleyway is what the movie is all about. The movie is voiced by A-List actors, Chris Pratt is Emmet, Elizabeth Banks is WildStyle,Liame Neeson is GoodCop-BadCop, Will Ferrel is President Business and last but not least Morgan Freeman is Vitruvius the god, And then there is the entire DC Cast, Will Arnett voices one of the best Batman ever, there's Superman voiced Channing Tatum, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern voiced by Jonah Hill, and so on. Everything in the Lego world has been bought into the movie and its wonderful, I felt like a kid laughing and enjoying, The jokes are subtle yet fun,(Batman Saying I wear only black and some times dark dark dark grey) they take puns at every possible superhero movie, If you are a movie buff you will be able to catch them and enjoy its fullest. > He is the Hero that you deserve

All in all a fun experience, don't miss this.