My Shiny New DSLR

Canon Oct 22, 2009

Well Its not new anymore as I have been using it for 2 months now, anyway I got myself an entry level DSLR Canon EOS 500D with the basic 18-55mm Lens and also a 70-300mm lens with 1:2 macro mode from Tamron, I have taken quite a few pics and I have to say it has been amazing, and is a giant step forward form the Canon S5-IS which I have used before. I will be posting the photos taken on this camera in the next few days after I have posted all the photos I like which I took before getting this new camera.Even though the camera is supposed to be a Sub $1000 camera at the end of the day buying extra memory cards, batteries, and lens and a LowerPro bag put the pricing around $1400 and at least now i think I can do photography at my will.

Canon also sent me a camera bag after 2 months of registering and it is ok, if you don't use bag that much just register your camera and wait for few days and you will get a bag for free