If you're set on keeping it compact and fashionable, but still want to take some legitimate pictures, Nikon would like to tempt you with its new P5000 cam, which along with a 10 megapixel CCD, 3200 ISO and 3.5x zoom can accept add-on lenses or accessory shoe peripherals. I am pretty skeptical about that ISO 3200 mode, pictures at that ISO rarely look passable with a DSLR, much less a compact like this, and Nikon limits such pics to 5 megapixel shots, but we suppose having the option doesn't hurt anything, and Nikon claims its new image processing engine with "enhanced noise reduction and an improved signal-to-noise ratio" should help. The camera includes all those Face-priority AF, In-Camera Red-Eye Fix and D-Lighting perks in the new S and L Series cameras, along with optical image stabilisation. The 2.5-inch LCD doesn't sound stellar in an age of 3-inch viewfinders, but Nikon did leave room for an optical viewfinder, which is always nice. We're also digging the i-TTL compatible accessory shoe, which supports external flashes, and the optional 24mm wide-angle lens and 378mm telephoto converter lenses. You can pick one of these up in March for $400 (Rs.20,000), but be sure to pick up a hefty SDHC card while you're at it, those 10 megapixel pics are going to want some leg room.