Star Wars : The Force Awakens

Star Wars Dec 27, 2015

Well, how can I not talk about this, This was probably the biggest news leading up to the year and ever since JJ Abrams took over the reign I was always in wait of the movie, with a constant "Please Don't Suck, Please Don't Suck" statement being repeated in my head. Star Wars has always been close to me, Its one of those movies which have greatly influenced me, It was a Movie which I saw when I was a kid and as you understand with movies you watch during your formative years, they are close to you no matter what, And well the prequels, the less I mention them, the better it is.
All this to Say that I was eagerly waiting for the movie to be released, and add to the agony the movie was released a week later than the rest of the world, I had to go into a complete lockdown from Podcasts, Tweets and Whatsapp groups and Slack Channels who had lot of people ready to spoil, and discuss every possible detail of the movie. There were no pre-bookings made available as in the US, so I had to wait 2 days before the release for me to book, and with a bit of luck and help from a friend I managed to book a ticket for the 7 PM show on the opening day a Thursday, And it was a perfect Christmas present I could have asked for.

I have stopped writing reviews and this is going to be no different. This is more of what I liked about the movie and what I felt was bit overdone.

Light Side

  • The movie felt like Star Wars, I think everyone who watched the original ones would agree on, the problem with the prequels were that they were not like Star Wars, they were too boring with the Galactic Politics and the characters were too one-sided, also there was no mystery, no awe. The "Force Awakens" had all the things which made the original ones so great, (albeit too much). It had things going right on beat including the John Williams' score, the characters. Everything the movie does it does it with a confidence which is breathtaking.

  • Rey While a lot would argue that Rey is rehashing of Luke but she a lot more than that, Let me get it out the way I really like Rey, She is introduced in the movie with silence, she doesn't speak anything for the first few minutes and yet you get to know her, even the simplest of thing like she eating quarter of a meal tells a lot about her. I think that the casting team did a wonderful job picking Ridley Daisy as the actress to portray Rey, She is resourceful and strong, yet she is humble. She is a hero that I wanted to see for a long time. There is a particular scene in which she saves her co-character without him knowing and he says it's a coincidence, she says yeah and moves on, no self-praise, No I did that statement.

  • BB-8, The cutest robot to be shown on screen for a long time, I fell in love with BB8 even before the movie, but the design and the way in which the robot is shown made me love it even more.
  • Kylo Ren, The new Darth Vader, while the first few scenes show him as the next Darth Vader, he certainly is not, he throws temper tantrums and he is also shown removing his mask quite early, which is actually good.
  • Hans Solo and Chewy - The reprisals are almost perfect.
  • Finn, The Stormtrooper, Another Standout character of the movie. While the performance on John Boyega was quite good, there was something which did not match the role of the storm trooper, And that's my first point for the dark side.
  • Lightsabers - The New light sabers are meaner and more dangerous and I like them

Dark Side

  • The stormtrooper who wanted to run away, in the beginning, becomes too comedic by the end
  • Actually, I wanted a bit more of context, where is a republic and the senate, why is there a rebellion, why is republic supporting the rebellion, and how did the First Order come to be.
  • The last, how long did Rey keep standing holding the lightsaber in the helicopter shot at the end?

The Star wars reboot is one the best reboots that has come to be, it paid its homage to the old movies, yet has setup the world for the new age and has again made me wait eagerly for the next movie.

Hope to See you soon BB8