What different could have been done about Mumbai?

Mumbai Terrorists Attack Nov 29, 2008

The things that have taken place in last 3 days have shook India in a way most of us never imagined, but after all the operations are over we can start to think to think about what had happened ?, What could have been done different ? Let us not think about how terrorists gained access into the hotels, how they were able to get such an amount of ammunition and explosives into the hotels, yes there was an intelligence failure at multiple ends and things could have done to prevent this. But let us try to examine what could been done different at least after we ended up in this situation, Let me base my assumptions based to the press meet conducted by the NSG commandos.
The commandos mentioned that the place was dark and filled with smoke of grenades, thus they couldn’t move easily as they couldn’t see. - I fail to understand how the top operations group of the company went in without night vision goggles and stuff which would help them out in these situations. This would only mean that even the country’s best are ill equipped, we can only imagine the state of other agencies.
They also mentioned that the terrorists were completely aware of the layout of the hotel and they were not which was a disadvantage – Any operation in a closed building would need the operatives to be briefed about the structure. Why were the NSGs not provided with the building plans when they were taking charge? If terrorists were able to get the layout and plans of a building why the NSG couldn’t ? Either the NSGs underestimated the terrorists, or they were briefed very wrong. At least after 12 hours of getting nowhere they could have at least studied the building plan.

The commandos mentioned that they weren't able to reach the CCTV conrtol room beacuse of smoke and constant attack they were facing - A place like Taj or Oberoi for that matter would have networked CCTV system in place which could be accessed anywhere in the grid, I mean i know my home CCTV system which I got for 2k provides streaming over internet, then image the complexity and availability of the systems that would be in place at places like these,

And the most important of all, we were told that the operations took so much time because they had to do a floor by floor, room by room sweep which was pain staking – I am sure that India must have at least 4 of 5 spy satellites looking down, couldn’t anyone them have infrared imaging and be repositioned after 24 hours of failure in manual operations. If we don’t have these kind of satellites it shame on us that we can send a satellite to moon and we don’t have something to protect us. We had them and didn’t use them we still dumb. I mean we know that this technology existed 20 years ago.
All these points come to only one conclusion that we were ill equipped for urban combat and the terrorists knew exactly that, when are we going to take preventive actions against knee jerk reactions ?, I mean even hollywood movies show better tactical experience than what we have seen so far (I know movie is a movie  and only good things happen), When can we expect our people to trained at that level. I know that we will return to our own little worlds in a few days, but at least now, let us ask some questions, and let somebody be responsible. We have to do something about all these, try to bring some change, but I certainly don’t think taking arms is the answer. We need some one to on top to think about these things, setup a fedaral agency with proper powers at least in these kind of situations to deal with these matter.

Hoping that this time would something different is going to happen …